Sweep your date off their feet with these 10 awesome first date moves

how to wow someone

First date jitters – the best and the worst kind right?

On one hand, a first date holds so much promise – you’ll meet someone new and possibly plunge headfirst into their life at some point if there’s a spark.

On the other – what if you really like them, and then make one wrong move, and end up with a heart ache?

Besides, these stats aren’t looking too bright and shiny either: only 13% of people stay in touch after a first date, according to dating metrics.

Don’t worry, we’re not trying to scare you.

We just want you to bring your best self, equipped with these awesome first date moves to sweep your date off their feet.

10 awesome first date moves to sweep your date off their feet


Play it safe with a concrete plan

Winging it with friends is great – there’s hardly any scope of back lash when you’re all in a comfortable space.

But what about when you’re venturing out to meet a new person? You’re both stepping away from your busy lives to give this a shot and you’d want to make it worth their while, don’t you?

A concrete plan rules out chances of any unpleasant surprises and enables you to create a conducive atmosphere to get to know each other better. Having a plan also conveys that you care about them having a good time and this totally catapults you into their good books right away.

Now, we don’t mean you have to resort to a dinner and a movie to play it safe on a first date. Find out what you have in common, plan an activity-based date, and soon you’ll find all the awkwardness and inhibitions melting away.

(Need a nudge in the right direction to plan a memorable first date? We’ve got you covered.)


how to impress someone on the first date

Running late? Oh boy

A first date is your chance of a fresh start – do you really want to make your date doubt your accountability before you even pull up a chair and sit down with them?

We get it. Traffic can be horrible. You can get held up at work. However, you should plan better to avoid being late at all costs. Expectations are running high and vulnerabilities are all out on the table on a first date, so unchecked lateness is a poor side of you to display at this point.

Being late also conveys one thing straight up: you don’t respect their time.

So, to avoid starting off on a wrong note, estimate your time of arrival based on your route and inform them well in advance if you’re going to be more than 5 minutes late.

Smile often and don’t be a bundle of nerves

No, this isn’t too much to ask.

Yes, you’ll thank us later.

Confidence (not arrogance) is sexy. And a good smile that reaches your eyes conveys that you’re a genuine, approachable person.


These are the exact vibes you need to exude to sweep your date off their feet.

smile at your date

Flatter in moderation

Everybody loves compliments but nobody wants to feel like they’re on a date with an overzealous fan. Not only is this supremely awkward but creates a terrible balance of power in a fledgling relationship (you’ll regret this later).

We’re not telling you to be negative or stingy with your compliments – just make them sincere and deliver in moderation.

Here’s a good way to go about it – reserve two compliments about their appearance and another two about their personality.

Don’t hog the conversation

You think therefore you are, but don’t take Descartes literally on a first date.

The whole point of a first date is for two people to get to know each other better. So, you may want to save the excess details of  your achievements in the last quarter for the next few dates (or may be an elevator pitch).

Feel free to ask questions and be genuinely interested in what they have to say. Being a good listener will earn you more brownie points than a monologue about yourself.

Reign in the TMI and disagree respectfully

“I don’t know why you care about this so much since you’re largely unaffected!” isn’t really a great direction to steer your conversation into.

You may have a lot of opinions about the general elections or the burning urge to reveal what went wrong with an ex, but we sincerely advice against boldly venturing into these spheres on a first date.

It’s best to start off with neutral topics or build a conversation around your common interests. Not only does this make for fulfilling conversation that can help you get to know each other better but also rules out chances of a conflict right in the beginning.

However, it’s unlikely that you’ll agree about everything, so if you do find yourself treading controversial ground, approach it with an open mind and disagree respectfully.

Own your cheesiness

Everyone loves a good anecdote, especially if it comes with the promise of lots of laughter. So go ahead, share your cheesy stories. Tell them about that one time at bandcamp…

Sometimes showing off the chink in your armor can be a good thing – it goes a long way to show that you can not only own and rise above your flaws but you’re also okay with a little fun at your own expense.

Besides, this is a great way to get them to open up about themselves.

Keep your wandering eye in check

Let’s get real: no matter how good your date looks, there’ll always be someone more attractive at the venue. However, a first date isn’t an appropriate moment to put on your best put your arms around me, wolfie act.

First of all, it’s downright disrespectful. Second, you’re shooting your chances of sailing through to a second date in the foot.

Phone etiquette is important

Reckon we’d finally peacefully coexist if you put all the people in the world in one giant room with their smart phones?

Setting your phone down for a bit will trigger a bit of separation anxiety, but you should really think about ditching this itch on a date. Yes, there’ll be awkward pauses and some occasional silence – this is normal. However, engaging in a full blown conversation on text or social media is definitely not an awesome first date move.

Honestly, cutting your phone loose for some time can actually feel liberating and will help you concentrate on what’s right in front of you: a person who would be happy for your attention and company.

Final Thoughts

No matter how many first dates you’ve been on, the swashbuckling thoughts about the numerous possibilities never seem to come to heel, do they?

So if you’re really intent on knowing how to wow someone on the first date, it may be worth taking a moment to reflect on how you plan to present yourself on the date.

Yep, that’s it, really – if you bring the positive vibes along with your best self and show a genuine interest in your date, you’ll walk away a winner.



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