Reluctant to date? Why not reap the clear benefits of online dating?

advantages of online dating

Maybe you’re just fine, thank you.

Or maybe you’re a little curious but intimidated about dipping your toes into the dating pool, especially if you’ve been off the game for a bit. And you don’t want to hang out at bars chucking peanut shells either.

So what you do?

Download an app and see where it takes you? But really, are there any clear benefits of online dating?

Look around – someone in the room has dabbled in online dating. So, let’s breakdown some myths

According to Pew Research, 41% Americans know someone who uses online dating  and 80% of people who’ve dated online agree that it’s a great way to meet people! However, there continues to be substantial buzz why opting to date online can get you burned.

But dating is a gamble anyway, don’t you think?

So let’s breakdown some myths about online dating.

Online dating is complicated

Choosing what to wear to work is complicated.

Online dating is relatively simpler. The key to a good experience is to set your expectation straight. Besides, dating apps and platforms are simply mediums of meeting people – you actually do date these people AFK. This means that the same rules of interactions apply when you date someone introduced by your friend.

Easy come easy go

Now who can say these words without getting their Bohemian Rhapsody on? But I digress.

Online dating gets the occasional bad press  for spearheading a superficial hook up culture. But let’s face it: it was just meeting the demands of an existing market.

However, not everyone who turns to online dating is looking for short term interactions. In fact, according to a Statista survey, 82% of respondents declared that they’re seeking romantic relationships on online dating platforms.

What stigma?

Ten years ago you would have raised some eyebrows if you declared you met your partner online. 

But over the years as the lines blurred between our online and offline lives, online dating has become a lot more normalized. 

The portion of 18-24 year olds who dabble in online dating has actually tripled (from 10% to 27%) between 2013 and 2017. Moreover, the share of 45-54 year olds who choose to date online has increased by approximately two thirds between 2013 and 2015.

There you go. Stigma no more. Definitely culturally acceptable.

5 clear benefits of online dating

At least one in three people are signing up on dating platforms because they believe in the advantages of meeting someone online before taking things further.

We know it’s not a race, but why make up your mind without trying something first? To get things rolling, let’s breakdown these clear benefits of online dating for you.

It’s easier to start a conversation

Did you go to the coffee machine five times this morning because your crush was hovering in the general area?


But was it effective?

A prime advantage of meeting someone online is the short deliberation window before starting a conversation. All the information you need about a person to start a conversation is right there on their dating  profile. So when someone’s profile catches your eye, it’s easy to initiate conversation with a polite message without being paralyzed by fear or being shot down.

Besides, this also gives you a chance to have more streamlined, honest conversations based on mutual interests before going out on a date. And, when you’re finally out on that first date, you don’t have to fumble for things to talk about as you’ve already worked on building a rapport.

bust online dating myths

Meet more customized matches

You’re in control of setting up a profile to reckon with and conveying your expectations, which means your matches are more fine tuned to your expectations on a dating platform. Moreover, dating apps are evolving at an insane pace and use special algorithms to match you up with someone you’re likely to click with.

Online dating is like a highly effective sleeper agent

In a good way.

This basically means passive pursuit on a dating platform can get you better results than keeping your eyes peeled at your best friend’s wedding. When you meet someone online, you’re in control of your level of interaction and the outcome. Plus, you can go about your day to day activities and only engage with someone when you’re really drawn to their profile or if a conversation takes a direction that sparks your interest.

(No, this doesn’t mean you can ghost someone though.)

More economical than losing friendships or paying a matchmaker

You know how it goes: a friend introduces you to someone they know, you date for a bit, things don’t work out, and now this has created a web of all round awkwardness.

Or you pay a hefty fee to a local matchmaker, get all excited about their old school approach, and end up on a disappointing blind date.

Well, you take the wheel in online dating, which makes you responsible for all that’s about to unfold. So when you do you and things still go sour, you don’t carry around passive resentment for people who’re close to you (or for yourself).  

Lastly, in the more literal sense, dating apps offer a whole lot of features that can work in your favor without having to pay a dime.

Gets you thinking  about what you really want

Sometimes you get stung while dating because you don’t really stop to think what you want. Unless you signed up on a whim (which is okay too), it gets you really thinking how you want to approach dating when you sign up on a platform.

Plus, it pushes you to go out of your comfort zone because you’re more likely to meet people outside your circle. In a way, this opens up a lot of possibilities of learning about social cues, but most of all  about yourself.

benefits of online dating

Go on, take a shot

I love my sushi with a whole lot of soy and wasabi.

 But this isn’t how it always was – in fact, I was super wary of ever ordering it. Then one day on a whim I gave in and realized I could customize my experience.

It’s kinda the same way with online dating – you get to hear a whole lot of stuff but you can’t really appropriate someone else’s experience and live vicariously.

So go on, take a shot. Let your experiences shape you.

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