How do women say no?

On the second episode of It’s Not Complicated podcast, I had the opportunity to interview three different women on how they say NO to guys they are not interested in. Everyone deals with things differently. Some people have a too direct approach and no BS attitude about them. Some of them are very empathetic and like to explain themselves in as much detail as possible and there are those who just have trouble saying NO. These three women interviewed have few differences in how they go about saying no.

During this podcast, I run through different scenarios with women. These topics range from how would they respond to someone if they ask them out at work to when their best friend asks them out (ouch….moment of silence for our friend-zoned fellow).

You will find this content #relatableaf as guys can finally get the hint of why the texts dried up and girls could find similarities on how they had handled these situations based on past experiences.

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