Ruling out guesswork in dating: How to get noticed on Qloak

The rules of engagement are different across dating platforms, and sometimes all the guesswork can be a real pill, don’t you think?

We hear ya.

We’re glad you’re here to hit the reset button on online dating with us!  So let’s rule out the guesswork in dating with our tips for creating an outstanding dating profile to stand out and get noticed on Qloak.

How to create an awesome dating profile to stand out on Qloak


make a great dating profile

We promise not to take the hand holding too far, but a little nudge in the right direction can be really helpful sometimes. After that, you obviously have your sparkling personality to fall back on!

 Lastly, you need to remember that it takes a while to build a real connection, and there are no known shortcuts to fast track this super relevant aspect of dating.

Ready when you are…

Okay, let’s do this.

First, let’s talk about that eureka moment

You may have hit a lot of bumps on the road while dating online as a millennial.

Do you know why?

Did you ever think that you were probably not very clear about what you wanted or could offer to the people you met?

 Imagine walking up to a Starbucks counter, spending a whole lot of time deciding the add ons, and then walking away with a disappointing cuppa only to realize you wanted a slushee in the first place.

You pretty much wasted your time and blamed the coffee instead.

That’s why clarity.

Before you start actively engaging on Qloak, we recommend you take a moment to reflect what you want from the experience and convey your expectations clearly on your profile. You’ll definitely avoid a lot of heartaches (and heartbreaks) this way.

Avoid these language faux pas

We’re not trying to be pedantic, but we do sincerely believe that our actions and the language we use are often a more accurate reflection of who we are.

Third person bio? Err..

Unless you satire hard or have been knighted recently, we suggest you avoid writing about yourself in the third person. Keep things simple by writing an engaging bio that showcases your best self. The About Me section on your profile on Qloak has a 500 character (approximately 200 words) limit, which can be sufficiently leveraged to your advantage. Be witty, be interesting, and communicate your expectations clearly.

how to create an awesome dating profile

Straight from the thesaurus

…is what you want to avoid. Your full-sized aortic pump may need a little lovin’, but the Sphinx-like riddles can be a clear red flag that communication with you will be a little high maintenance.

Politically incorrect language

No hate speech please – none whatsoever. Qloak is a platform that values diversity and we strive for a great user experience round the clock.

Don’t undermine honesty

According to this article by Kaspersky, 57% of people lie on their dating profile, which obviously rakes up some bad press for online dating platforms and hampers users’ overall experience. This also creates a gap in expectations and causes a whole lot of disappointment when you actually end up meeting in person.

So, for a fun experience on Qloak, we suggest you keep those minor or major omissions off the table.

Put your best foot forward

A dating profile to stand out on Qloak should smack of your genuine self. Don’t be afraid to share your interests as our platform happily downplays the superficial practice of simply swiping based on pictures. Your dream date will only swipe on your profile if it intrigues them. So, sharing accurate details about your hobbies, values, and outlook are key to you having relevant matches and consequently a rewarding experience on Qloak.

Play along to make Qloak work in your favor

Dull date? Nah

At Qloak, we realize it takes a lot of time, patience, and groundwork to build a relationship. We also know how nerve wracking it can be to approach that person who sets off millions of butterflies in your stomach.

So here’s what we did:

 Awesome “I’d Rather” questions: Listing your likes and dislikes in detail can be complicated – what exactly do you include or exclude? So, we came up with quirky ” I’d rather” questions to get you more relevant matches  who not only share your interests but also your overall outlook! Don’t you think is a fun way to help your match get to know you better?


conversation in dating

Kickass icebreakers: Who wants to start a conversation with a boring “hey” when you can actually reach out to your match with kickass icebreakers that’s sure to spark meaningful conversation! When you match with someone, both users have the option of jumpstarting the conversation with our personable ice breakers. These questions range from “What’s your fondest childhood memory” to “What’s the most annoying thing ever?” and make it way easier to build a rapport on our platform and transition to an actual, in-person date.


jumpstart conversation in dating

Communication is rocket fuel

Communication is paramount in a budding relationship: it builds trust, conveys accurate expectations, and dictates morale.

Qloak is all set to exorcise superficial dating practices that undermine the value of a good conversation and overall communication. This is why we’ve chosen to take your picture out of the picture while you work on building a real connection. Go on then, double tap on your potential dream date’s personality first!

When you match with someone, you need to send at least 10 messages within a week to unqloak their profile photo. If you play hard to get, your potential dream date disappears into the depths of Qloak forever! However, avoid sending spam messages as both users need to send 10 messages to unqloak the profile photos.

Instead, take this time to build a meaningful connection for a memorable first date.

matches in online dating

Wondering which photos can get you noticed?

Technically, none as users would be swiping based on your profile information. However, you can upload at least 6 photos, which become visible to your match once your profile picture gets unqloaked.

While photos do take a backseat on our platform, we recommend adding recent photos to set the right expectations. Feel free to share fun, sociable, action-oriented pictures that accurately reflect your genuine personality. Here are some quick tips to get you started:

No blurry pics!

Admit it, both you and your match will be waiting for the big reveal  – make sure that your profile photo is a clear, recent photo of you so as not to hurl the unqloaking moment into an anticlimax.

Highlight your interests

Love to hike or simply cozy up and read? Let your photos tell a story that reflect how you want to be known and seen.

A glimpse of your social life is great!

You can tell a lot about a person from the company they keep. Adding a photo of you in a social setting can build trust in your match – they’ll be reassured that you value human connections and have an active support system.

Final Thoughts

At Qloak, we think your face is adorable, but we love your personality more! Consider this your baseline to create a dating profile to stand out on Qloak and rule out the guesswork in dating on our platform.

Be genuine, fun, and have meaningful conversation. Don’t be afraid to chase that spark and build a meaningful conversation.

Good luck!

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