Quick and easy tips for crafting an effective Qloak bio

how to get noticed on online dating sites

Quick and easy tips for crafting an effective Qloak bio


On Qloak, we take your picture out of the picture initially so that you can put your winning personality at the forefront. (We do adore your face, but we love your personality more!)

So your best bet for matching with people you actually want to connect with  is to create a great profile , and most importantly a completed one, that showcases who you are as well as your expectations. Plus, a completed profile is more likely to spark meaningful conversations.

What does a good bio on Qloak look like? Here’s a simple guide navigating the do’s and don’ts of filling out your bio on our platform.

Let’s dive in!



The best and worst ways to fill out your bio on Qloak




Hell no


*Your real name*



*Your actual occupation*

Dragon slayer, Jedi, Tree hugger, Rocket scientist (unless you’re actually one).

About Section

1. Write a few sentences that accurately capture your personality. Being funny is always a bonus.

E.g., “Techie by day, binge watcher by night. Hiker on weekends. I love indie bands, reading (both fiction and non-fiction), and cricket.
Let’s chat!”

“I talked about Fight Club. But I’m a movie critic, so they took it with a grain of salt.

Love photography and traveling. I’d say ‘let’s go on an adventure!’ – but I’m trying to avoid creepy clichés.

Don’t be a stranger – say hi!”

2. Not everyone is a word wrangler, so here’s a simple trick to get noticed as well as state your preferences.

“Hiking > Netflix. Documentaries > Feature films. Cooking > Eating out. Marvel > DC. Football = greatest sport in the world!”


1. Vague one-liners, hashtags, and phrases that don’t reveal anything about you:

E.g., “#Wanderlust”

        ” Looking for someone real and awesome.”


2. Hostile, entitled, or passive aggressive statements that’ll make folks swipe left faster than you can say “swipe left.”


E.g., “Don’t  just say hi. Be creative.”

          “Fluent in sarcasm. It gets out of hand occasionally. I’m being real – show me your flaws already.”

            “Princess alert. Pamper me in 3…2…1!”


Your personality traits

Select top 5 traits that accurately represent your personality.

1. Avoid selecting conflicting traits – you’ll be sending mixed signals to your potential matches.


E.g., “Active, dependable, impulsive, rational, friendly” (dependable folks are generally not impulsive)

2. Avoid selecting overlapping traits – you can select only 5, so make them count.

E.g., “Rational, open-minded, tolerant, responsible, dependable

(Being open-minded implies you are tolerant, and responsible folks are generally dependable.)



Do you smoke, drink, use drugs recreationally?

Be honest – state if you’re a heavy smoker or if you only drink socially.

Avoid white lies – they tend to sneak up on you when you’re least expecting them to.

This is what I look for in my date

This is your chance to set your expectations straight. Leave no stone unturned (without being offensive)!


E.g., “Athletic, caring, open-minded, likes witty banter and puns, loves movies.”

 Avoid objectification and crudeness – nobody swipes right on a creep.


E.g., “Seeking a no-limits individual with a banging bod. You pay on dates.”



I don’t get along with people who

Round off your expectations by clearly stating who shouldn’t swipe right on your profile. Our advice? Simply focus on non-negotiable traits.

E.g.,  “are judgmental, don’t clean up after themselves, and are always late.”


Specific responses for this field will help you more than you can imagine. For example, stating you don’t get along with people who are “pricks” wouldn’t filter anybody out.

My guilty pleasure is

A guilty pleasure is an activity or a film, series, music genre, or book that’s generally not held in high regard… 


E.g., “Binge-reading Mills and Boons.”

…this means, it would be counterintuitive to add things that are actually held in high regard.


E.g., “LOTR marathons”

My biggest pet peeve is

This is your chance to elaborate further on things that tend to rile you up.

E.g., “Not caring about the environment”

Unfortunately, there are no wrong answers here – but avoid sounding angry and bitter.  


The Wrap

As author John Green said, “I is the hardest word to define,” but don’t let that get you down.

For starters, gather your thoughts before filling it out, and the best bet is to be honest and forthcoming about yourself and your expectations.

We’ve designed the Qloak bio to make sure all aspects of your sparkling personality get a fair reveal. So, don’t forget to fill out all the sections in detail. You can always come back and tweak stuff without taking on undue pressure for creating a perfect dating profile on our platform.

But most of all, don’t forget to have fun. Good luck!

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