Travel Trends In 2020 For Millennials And Millennials At Heart

Are you feeling so tired lately and you want to get out of your daily routine? Do you consider yourself as a Millennial? Well, traveling might just be the perfect thing for you.

If you are ambitious, confident, adventurous and achievement-oriented, probably you are a millennial. Maybe not by age but by heart. And surely, these travel guides will resonate with you.

Traveling has been an increasing trend for most countries in the world. The Tourism Industry was in full bloom with a 3.9% increase in 2018 according to the World Travel and Tourism Council. And in a study conducted by the United Nations, 20% of all international travelers are Millennials.


Traveling as a Millennial

According to the Federal Reserve Board, Millennials are those born from 1981 to 1996. Millennials have the fastest-growing travel demographics. You can consider one of these top 10 travel trends for your next vacation in 2020 and beyond.

Looking for Insta-Worthy Tourist Spots

Millennials love taking photos and videos of their activities and they are always active on Instagram. Whether it is a sunset on the beach, a flowery farm or a quick drop on a scenic cliff, they just love a good photo and video to share with their friends and families.



Travel with a Purpose.

A lot people are very much aware of the issues of the world. May it be an environmental or social issue, they always have a say about it. Traveling with a purpose is a big thing for them.

They can sign up for volunteering in places whether it is assisting in building schools or coastal clean ups. These travels provide a sense of fulfillment.


Find Environment-Friendly Accommodations.

Associated with traveling with a purpose, environment-friendly accommodations are also an emerging trend. These accommodations include the use of solar power to supply electricity. Some also prevent single-use plastics and other non-biodegradable materials in their facilities. To some extent, Eco-Friendly Accommodations go as far as implementing Zero Waste Management. The Global Sustainable Tourism Council recognizes the Eco-Friendly organizations in the tourism industry.  They have a list of Eco-Friendly destinations in the world.


Go for All-Inclusive Resorts.

Often, Millennials are easily bored. They want non-stop action. They don’t want to just lay on their hotel beds on the entire holiday travel. It is now a travel trend in 2020 to go for All-Inclusive resorts. Resorts now upgrade their facilities to include more recreational facilities that their guests would enjoy. From indoor virtual golf facilities to outdoor physical activities, all-inclusive resorts are a go-to for Millennials.  If you are looking for the best All-inclusive resorts, check out this list from


Maximize your Travel with Tri-City Tours

When one place can’t satisfy your vacation needs, try to maximize your time with a Tri-city tour. It is now a Travel Trend. Due to its diverse culture and geographical set-up, Asia has several Tri-city tour options. One option is the Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia tour which offers a peek at the rich Chinese and Muslim culture of Southeast Asia. Siem Reap, Saigon and Bangkok tri-city tour, however, offer their excellent architecture which is inclined with their Buddhist faith. 


Fly with your Pets

Pets are considered to be a part of the family. And most Millennials would agree to this thought. US airports now house facilities for your pets and even offer hassle-free check-in for your furry friends. listed down America’s Pet-Friendly airlines.  




Enjoy your Holiday on Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Getting there with your pet is one thing, but being there with your pet is another. While still limited in number, there is a growing demand for Pet-Friendly Accommodations. Treating their pets as family, Millennials don’t want to leave their pets behind. offers you a guide to places and activities for your pets on vacation.


Get a ticket to that Cruise.

Yes, you read it right! Contrary to popular belief, going on a cruise isn’t only for those retired old folks. Cruises that cater to the taste of younger travelers are now emerging. Such cruises offer Smart Technology from voice-controlled lights to touch panels. Entertainment is also inclined to the younger travelers with world-class shows and concerts. If you are into cruises, you may want to check for the 9 best cruises that have plenty of entertainment options for you in store.


Prioritizing their Wellness.

Wellness has been a big trend today. And mixing travel with wellness is now a trend. Millenials look for an experience where they can feel they are transcending to another dimension, away from all the hustle-bustle of daily life. Yoga retreats have become a popular choice because of this and it is an option worth exploring if you need an “Escape”.


Women-Only Travels

Women empowerment has gone a long way and millennial women are dwelling on this idea. What better way to show their empowerment than to have women-only travels. There are female guided tours and special activities that are of best interest to offers multiple options for women-only travels.

Unleash the Millennial Traveler in you

As said, millennials are an incredible bunch that loves to take on something new out of the ordinary. Millennial Travelers don’t settle anymore on the ordinary travel trends. They want more beyond what is already offered. With their growing desire for wellness, empowerment and social awareness, travel for them has been a challenge to keep up for the tourism industry. So whether you are a millennial or a millennial at heart, there will always be a travel trend catered just for you.

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