What does it mean to be authentic?

On the first episode of It’s Not Complicated, Saurabh Lakshman sits down with personal branding coach Savitha Nanjappa to discuss authenticity. In a world where everyone wants to mimic someone successful and people are trying to be perfect whether it is through photo filters or what not, Savitha talks about how “perfectionism is actually a disease”.

“Authenticity is all about being yourself despite the imperfections”

She added “Being authentic is really being able to let people know it’s not all perfect in your world and that’s OKAY!”

With the help of a personal anecdote, Saurabh and Savitha discuss what happens to a relationship if a person isn’t being truly authentic.

Lastly, they end the podcast by discussing on how to best approach a first date.

You can listen to the full episode below or on Apple Podcast, Stitcherpocketcast, soundcloud or on anchor.


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